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Designing Purposeful Relationships

August 25, 2019

Since moving to Paraguay and stepping away from Mechanical Engineering, my husband Ryan has been working on creating a course for designing relationships. His central focus was discovering the link between purpose and relationships. Leveraging his design thinking and behavior design background, he created a method that teaches the mindset, ability, and confidence to create synergy between purpose and relationships to help people who had the same problem that he once had.

Listen in as we delve into the anatomy of relationships and how we can design and create the purposeful relationships that we desire!

Here are two little nuggets from the conversation:

“You are 50% of every relationship that you are in. It’s really important for you to find out what matters to you and why so that you can then set the intention and purpose within each relationship so that they can be successful.“

“Relationship is just how we interact with our environment, The exchange of time and energy.”




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